About Us

Wuhan SAPW Taizhou Mold Co.,Ltd (SAPW-TZ) is professional injection mold maker. SAPW-TZ only makes high quality molds which shall become reliable property for our customers, and earn reputation for SAPW-TZ itself.

SAPW-TZ is a professional automobile parts injection mold tooling project maker in Taizhou, China. SAPW-TZ specializes in automobile HVAC system mold project, automobile door panel mold project, automobile exterior plastic parts mold project, automobile interior trim mold project, automobile bumper mold project and other automobile parts mold project. at the same time, we also have a mold division which makes commodity product molds.

SAPW-TZ has a highly experienced team of automobile tooling designing and engineering. we have a automobile parts mold design team of 8 members, 5 of them are senior designer who have more than 12 years in automobile parts mold design experiences. we have a automobile parts mold engineering team of 30 members, 16 of them are senior mold engineers who have more than 15 years of experiences in automobile parts mold manufacturing.

SAPW-TZ applies the most advanced machines in mold making. SAPW-TZ factory covers some 2000 square meters area. we are equipped with 5-axis high speed CNC machine, precision CNC machine, EDM machine, EDM slow wire machine, deep-hole drilling machine. and other mold making equipments.